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    Record your screen and save it as a video. Choose different resolutions and crop the video to the size you want. It's free and super simple. Then, you can download the video and turn it into a GIF or edit it further.

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    Why Choose for screen-to-video or screen-to-gif ?

    High-Quality Conversion

    Create high-quality videos from your screen recordings with just a few clicks. No sign-up required!

    Fast and Easy

    Just with a few clicks, you can transform your screen recording into a video. And then, you can convert it into a GIF. No complicated processes.

    Completely Free is completely free to use. No hidden costs or subscriptions required.

    Extensive Conversion Functionality

    Supports a wide range of video formats for hassle-free conversions. Convert what you see on your screen into a video and share it with the world. You can record your whole screen, a browser tab, or just an application window.

    Unlimited Conversions

    Enjoy unlimited video to GIF conversions with Record as many videos as you like without any restrictions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I record my screen and convert it into a video? offers a simple screen recording tool that allows you to capture your screen and convert it into a video. Start recording your screen today and create high-quality videos with ease.

    Can I edit a video after converting it?

    Yes, after converting your screen recording to a video, you can use our editing tools to customize it further. Add text, adjust sizes, and apply filters to make your videos stand out.

    Can I edit a GIF after converting it?

    Yes, after converting your video to a GIF, our platform offers various editing tools. You can add text, adjust sizes, rotate, and scale images within your GIF, making it perfectly suited to your needs.

    Is there a limit to how many GIFs I can create?

    At, we offer unlimited video to GIF conversions. Our service is completely free, allowing you to create as many GIFs as you like without any restrictions.